going away for a week or so and won’t be checking snapchat or kik and I also won’t be updating the blog

  2. Anonymous asked: What's your snapchat?


    I don’t send to males and I don’t send pics first

  3. typicalteenagenude:

sundays aren’t supposed to be like this.


    sundays aren’t supposed to be like this.

  4. some amazing submissions from

  5. yesyum asked: hey I'm a girl 19, australia , whats your snap chat so i can send you some nudes ?


  6. Anonymous asked: I sent you snapchats a couple weeks ago, were they not good enough to make the blog? hah. I guess it doesn't really matter but I wanna know if u liked them

    what was your username and what pics were they? I’ve been away so haven’t had time to go through all the pics I get

  7. Anonymous asked: hey if u read this its someone u kno and im intereseted in u now very much

    please tell me who you think I am and who you are

  8. 4agoodtym asked: When u ask a question is it going to you because it doesn't come up on this blog?

    I get 75+ messages daily, I answer most if them privately, so if you want it posted on the blog please let me know. and I don’t answer many questions that aren’t about the blog

  9. some sexy anon submissions

  10. Anonymous asked: You have a ton of followers and an amazing site. But you're aren't doing what you said you would do.

    I’ve just been really buisy these past few days and haven’t had the time to find her username post it

  11. Hi. Looks good?

    Hi. Looks good?

  12. Anonymous asked: How can I sign up for this site

    What site? Tumblr? You just type in tumblr.com and it’ll bring you to the sign up page

  13. Anonymous asked: where are you from?


  14. amazing anon submission