1. Change

    Changing my display pic.

    MUST be female
    Have my blog name written on ur body
    Your face doesn’t need to be in the pic

    Snapchat- tumblr_girls
    Kik- sause_1234
    Or through the blog

    REWARD (If wanted)
    I will post your snapchat and tumblr blog

  2. Anonymous asked: Would you share Snapchat names

    I only share what I’m aloud to share. If a photo doesn’t have a username under it it means that she doesn’t want her username posted

  3. this beautiful snapchat girl is karebear86

  4. kasrlson asked: Can you lay out my snap ? Sexaayeee im a girl like both nude boys and girls


  5. Anonymous asked: HANNAH


  6. AWAY

    going away for a week or so and won’t be checking snapchat or kik and I also won’t be updating the blog

  7. Anonymous asked: What's your snapchat?


    I don’t send to males and I don’t send pics first

  8. typicalteenagenude:

sundays aren’t supposed to be like this.


    sundays aren’t supposed to be like this.

  9. some amazing submissions from

  10. yesyum asked: hey I'm a girl 19, australia , whats your snap chat so i can send you some nudes ?


  11. Anonymous asked: I sent you snapchats a couple weeks ago, were they not good enough to make the blog? hah. I guess it doesn't really matter but I wanna know if u liked them

    what was your username and what pics were they? I’ve been away so haven’t had time to go through all the pics I get

  12. Anonymous asked: hey if u read this its someone u kno and im intereseted in u now very much

    please tell me who you think I am and who you are

  13. 4agoodtym asked: When u ask a question is it going to you because it doesn't come up on this blog?

    I get 75+ messages daily, I answer most if them privately, so if you want it posted on the blog please let me know. and I don’t answer many questions that aren’t about the blog

  14. some sexy anon submissions